gives you a simple and robust solution: APEX PDF printing using OC4J as a print server (on Linux Centos with Oracle XE). The second step is to configure Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) to use the certificate. Labels: SSL Oracle APEX OC4J https certificate. The main difference between OC4J and the full distribution of Oracle Application The file can be deployed on an OC4J instance and used by APEX to.

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When prompted, specify the location of the folder containing the static resources used by Oracle Application Express. Install the Dep wpex Tip: Please complete configuration at: In the Instance Security Level page, click the selected realm’s Users number.

Path to the folder used to store the web container runtime, defaults to: Table of Contents 1 – About. Next, create two users.

Oracle Apex – Installation version 4 with Oracle Application Express Listener

For example, you can configure the location of the Oracle Application Express images directory, the home directory where Oracle Application Express Listener stores run-time files, and the HTTP listen port. If you must change the port number, edit the following file: Configure Oracle Application Express Listener.


If the images are not in this location, the Oracle Application Express login page will appear to be missing images and style sheets. In Name, enter adminlistener and a password. Under Role Condition, click Add Conditions. The File Users page appears.

Setup APEX PDF report printing with OC4J

You must define zpex user in a security realm in order to access any WebLogic resources belonging to that realm. Using Oracle Application Express Listener simplifies the deployment process because there is no Oracle home required as connectivity is provided using an embedded JDBC driver. The Oracle Application Express architecture requires some form of Web server to proxy requests between a Web browser and the Oracle Application Express engine.

If you are unfamiliar with domains, servers, applications, security, or users, see your Oracle GlassFish Server documentation.

Installing Oracle Application Express Listener

Xpex a check mark does not appear in the Enabled apfx for apexthen select the check box next to apex and click Enable. Start an Administration Server. Admin New Password – Enter a unique password. It is not possible to listen for both protocols simultaneously. Configure the run-time to listen on HTTP port On the Name field enter Admin.

Navigate to the location of the apex. On the left pane below Domain Structure, click Security Realms.


Use roles that are defined in the Administration Console; use policies that are defined in the deployment descriptor. To display a full list of available commands, execute the following command: Create oc4h Web archive for the images directory.

This section assumes that you have completed the installation process and are familiar with Oracle WebLogic Server.

Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) [Gerardnico]

Review your choices and click the Finish button. Create U sers Next, create two users. Create a role condition, which specifies who is in the scoped role and under which set of conditions: A Full development environment provides complete access to the Application Builder environment to develop applications.

Access Apex Admin Console: In Name, enter the name of the user. Delete all files and folders in folder i in: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

There are two types of roles: To copy Oracle Application Express images: This section describes how to create users and roles.