In , a second edition of the Iron Ivan flagship rules, Disposable Heroes, Urrah: Complete Guide to the Soviet Fighting Men and Equipment (PDF Version). Hurrah is an army list book for Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers. It features platoons, artillery, vehicles, and aircraft as used by the Soviets in. The new home blog for Disposable Heroes II is now live. The first Played this scenario with Keith at Historicon. Great fun, and I won. Hurrah!.

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Disposable Heroes

This only enhances the product. More information on this rule set can be found here: The artillery lands and effects the Unit targeted. Tried to find the review at link posted on ironivan website but cant seem to find it,as I am interested in how the rules work. Tanks roll to acquire on a D10 then follow-up with a D10 roll to hit. With reference to Last Valley.

Five nicely detailed trees for about 10 UKP. I found this while looking for the website. Details of the game, including a series of slides following the story of the battle can be found here: Initiative can be lost as units become pinned, slowing the commander down as their forces eat dirt. Sorry – only verified members can post on the forums.


Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga. Soldier boy, made of clay Now an empty shell Twenty one, only son But he served us well Bred to kill, not to care Do just as we say Finished here, Greeting Death He’s yours to take away.

[TMP] “Panzer Ace – a Disposable Heroes Skirmish Game” Topic

Let anyone else who intends to have dealings with Last Valley beware. Each hit gives a good chance of creating a ‘casualty’. Artillery is simple and abstracted. Legendado por Lucas e mendeshetfield. Yes he is still in business and appears regularly at wargame conventions. Last Valley produce a range of hand made terrain for 20 and 25 mm war games tables.

Miniatures are 28mm by Crusader, buildings by 4Ground, and terrain by me. Information on these excellent books can be found here: These elements are purchased alone or in combinations to produce larger scenery pieces.

An epic and bloody firefight as German armour attempts to urran its way over a bridge through American defenders during the desperate battles in Normandy Although infantry can see enemy within LOS, their fire is fully affected by cover which often means you are looking at getting 1s on a D10 to affect, usually rolling a fair few if you have MG42s and MP40s.


Fence sections are made from balsa and although some disposablw delicate look fabulous. Many more posts will follow with battle reports, rules demos, tank action, terrain tutorials, miniature projects, and much more. Lots and lots of nice touches abound.

This scenario was entitled ‘Panzer Ace’. Due to the nature of the subjects being scratch built no two pieces are alike. Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Simple and tense, providing tactical control to the battlefield commander.

Great fun, and I won. Barking of machinegun fire, does nothing to me now Sounding of the clock that ticks, get used to it somehow More a man, more stripes you bare, glory seeker trends Bodies fill the fields I see The slaughter never ends. Again, psychology allowed me to get a Norman church recently which I am now preparing for display in a future game. I think the system has the edge on the Arc of Fire random card activation, though that is also fun.