Frances Roding. · Rating details · 22 ratings · 8 reviews. She’d been left waiting at the altar — And when her English godparents offered Francesca an. #1. A Different Dream. from: $ #2. A Law Unto Himself. from: $ #3. Gentle Deception. from: $ #4. List View | Grid View. Books by Frances Roding. Frances Roding’s author page. Latest releases, complete book list, contact info and more.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Franxes to Book Page. She’d been left waiting at the altar Their tranquil Cotswolds home would let her put her life in order. Her attraction to him was sudden, overwhelming and dangerous. For all the great poise that her upbringing had taught her quickly started to dissolve when she looked into his silvery eyes.

Mass Market PaperbackHarlequin Presentspages. Published October by Rodig Books first published Bellaire and Chalmers 3. Francesca di ValeriaOliver Newton. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Law Unto Himselfplease sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Dec 21, boogenhagen rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I sorta think PJ came up with the whole FR pseudonym cause she REALLY wanted to do a big long page epic full of men in frsnces and ladies with ruffs traveling in multiple European countries and foiling a Machiavellian plot to dethrone Queen Elizabeth the First while being a spy for Walsingham up against France and the de Medicis AND also be able to include Italian fashion in the mix, with home decoration and cooking too.

Frannces her editors were like?!? So PJ said fine!

I will sneak one in anyways! And just to sweeten the pot, this big epic romance will be a smash hit and ftances an awesome Hollywood Blockbuster and it will be written by a MAN! Cause not only do we get an HP outing, we get the Elizabethans vs the di Medicis vs the entire country of France and Italian fashion and natural, wholesome cooking and home decorating with rag rolling!

AND we get a little catch up with all the other characters in this series TOO, they’re lurved up and happy, in case you were wondering. The H’s blockbuster book does it for doding as the whole rollicking magnum opus is actually a mirror for the real romance between the H and h.

Cause although she has an English Rose mum, her dad is next in line rodjng the Ancient Italian Ducal title from the h’s domineering and tyrannical Grandfather.

Who gives Lorenzo di Medici a good run for his money, and thus the h was bullied into looking at her betrothal to another Ancient House’s Scion from the age of three as a career path and not a lifestyle option.

Except the h got dumped right before the altar when the Ancient House’s Scion eloped with a stripper instead. She also needs to regroup and find another career path, so her Italian Godparents send her to their dear friends in England, Bea and Elliot from Some Sort of Spell. So the h, after trading her Vuitton luggage stamped with her would be married initials for maiden initial stamped Gucci, switching her Diorissimo perfume for Chamade, dumping her conservative Prada for Valentino’s more trendy couture line, and buying blue and yellow toning English fur-lined Wellingtons, cause Ferragamo court shoes don’t hold up to English rain, the h makes herself at home at Bea and Elliot’s English country home – which is waaay more cozy and friendly than a room Italian Piazza, always packed to the rafters with family and staff, marble floors and priceless antiques.


Bea has a neighbor, and he is a sexy but cynically misogynistic writer of Medieval thrillers and he hates the francces, unless they are being used as lurve club holders. He needs an Italian researcher for his next big novel and hey, whaddaya know? Our jilted, but now determined to forge a new life free of tyrannical Ducal Grandpa influence franfes to have a degree in Medieval History – both English and Italian. Except the H doesn’t like the h, she is too pretty and too much a reminder of the Dark Tragedy that was his ex-wife.

It seems our poor misogynistic H was married at 21, to a no-good, affair having tartlett who only married the H cause her millionaire boss refused to divorce his wife and she needed a baby daddy for her little seekrit bun she was baking.

The H thought the bun was the result of his own kneading and so while the wife wasn’t much of one, the little girl he fathered was wonderful and he stuck around for her sake. Then the tartlett’s millionaire doughboy got a divorce, and he wanted his tart and her mini-tart too – cause the H wasn’t the one who provided the yeast for that rising. They divorce, the H did not fight for mini bun custody and then the whole bakery got killed in a road accident 18 months later.

This devastated our sexy cynical H, and he has hated all beautiful women since. He only flirts with happily married ladies, unless of course he needs a quick pump and dump. Unfortunately the H’s American Publishers want his next big blockbuster book NOW and he needs a researcher desperately, so the h gets the job. Tho the H is cranky cause his plans to kill his book h off by having her betray his English H and then die during a failed attempt to terminate the book H’s child are not flowing like he wants them too.

But the lurve clubbing was the best ever! So the h is happy cause she is in love. But just as in Art, real life seldom lets true love find a smooth route to happiness. In a purely Medieval Machiavellian move, the h’s stool pigeon uncle to her tyrannical Ducal Grandpa shows up at the H’s home and tells him the h knew all along that she would be marrying another career option, just as soon as a suitable one was found.

The H feels vindicated, his Dark Suspicions were Entirely Correct – and he boots the h out in record time. Then he leaves the country.

A Law Unto Himself

The h is heartbroken and then she finds out what her boot-licking uncle did. She is now furious and she goes back to Italy. She tells the Ducal Tyrant to do some anatomically difficult things and moves out of the family Piazza. The Ducal Tyrant disowns her, but her mum and dad still love her. The h gets another research job and is miserable, but she is trying to have a life.

Then the H shows up and begs for forgiveness. The h forgives the H cause she lurves him. They get married and the H has to talk the h into letting the Ducal Tyrant attend the wedding and sponsor the wedding breakfast. Which the h wasn’t too keen to do, cause she had a lot of Italian di Medici genes of her own and she wasn’t the type to forgive or forget – but the H applied generous lashings of the lurve club mojo and she let the Ducal Grandpa attend – only cause he was really, really old tho.

We leave the H and h lurvin it up and the h’s wedding present being a revised copy of the H’s epic, his book h lives and gets an HEA with the English Spy H, cause the H couldn’t get his own HEA and not give his book alter-ego one too. This one was sorta fun and a pretty good read. She tells us the H’s character’s get an HEA but we don’t get the details! I was like WHAT!?! I want to know what happens!


Frances Roding Book List – FictionDB

So I lost some love at the end for this one. Cause I always read the ending first, just to make sure the journey is going to lead to a place I want to be and I did not get my allegorical H novel epic HEA in a satisfactorily detailed manner.

That is bad enough when it happens in regular HPlandia, but I really hate it when the book the H is writing as an artistic mirror for the real romance fails in the HEA details as well. This one was good on the initial plot and bad on the payoff, so it only ranks as a bit mediocre on the Frqnces venture scale.

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Jul 09, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: Two and half stars. This is the third of the fances book series that started with Some Sort of Spell. She comes to the Cotswolds to lick her wounds and to decide if she wants to use her university degree to be a researcher. Enter our francfs writer hero who is in the middle of writing a novel about grances English spy who has an affair with one of francea Borgias. He h Two and half stars. Frandes hates women because his ex-wife lied about the paternity of their daughter, whom he truly loved, and then left him only to have the bio dad, mom, and daughter die in a car crash.

He is especially on edge the day he meets the h because that was the little girl’s tenth birthday had she lived. Rocky first meeting aside, they decide to work together. The rodinb will research medieval Italy while the H frantically writes and ignores his growing feelings for the h and the character he is modeling after her.

The hero succumbs to a fever and in his feverish dream state puts the moves on the h – even going so far as removing her bra. Dude has mad skillz He doesn’t remember and the virgin heroine roing embarrassed the next day to say the least. The author gets rid of Elliot and Beatrice and their children by having Sebastian starring in a Broadway play. They take the Concorde over to NY and mention all the other family members who will be there.

This is the only series bait in the story and I appreciated it. No long parade of “oh, look there’s character x who married character y after backstory. Hero refuses to see her again. Heroine goes back to Italy and tells off her grandfather who engineered the whole thing. She is now pregnant and living on her own. Hero eventually finds out she’s not getting married. Flies to Italy – heartfelt short grovel. It’s tempting to think we’re seeing their stand-in.

A Law Unto Himself by Frances Roding

The novel the H is writing is very meta, so maybe. I’m sure Penny Jordan worked this hard – look how many books she wrote! The romance in this is good enough – but nothing exciting or original. The hero is really grumpy, but the heroine doesn’t seem to mind. The joys of this story really come from the context of the romance – the setting, what they’re doing, what the secondary characters have to say, etc.