: Propagandes () by Jacques Ellul and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. Introduction. Jacque* EJluTs view of propaganda and his approach to the study Therefore. Ellul distinguishes various fonrts of propaganda and calls his book. 13 quotes from Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes: ‘To the extent that propaganda is based on current news, it cannot permit time for thought o.

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Massignon, a Frenchman like Ellul, was a Catholic mystic and scholar of Islam who also served as a mentor of sorts for Merton.

People are willing and likely to accept propaganda that allows them to artificially satisfy their desire to have an opinion by hiding their incompetence. Individuals without natural organic local groups are defenseless and more likely to be caught up in a social current.

Ellul supports the idea that propaganda is made primarily because of a will to action for the purpose of effectively arming policy made by the state.

Schools are a primary mechanism for integrating the individual into the way of life.

Propaganda uses public opinion to externalize inner opinions of the organization to the masses that eventually produces conformity. Society must contain elements of both an individualist society and a mass society. They are perfectly adapted to propaganda.

More importantly even though it does not create new material and is confined to what already exists, it is not necessarily powerless. That limited perspective of propaganda as being able to influence the individual psychologically was prevalent.

Ellul and Merton

Partitioning takes place on many different levels including class, religious, political, national and blocs of nations. He is obliged to continue to advance in the direction indicated by propaganda, for action demands jacquess action. These two needs compliment and correspond to each other in the development of propaganda. Propaganda and the Formation of Men’s Attitudes.

It can be the result of scientific, psycho-sociological analysis based on statistics- that is the American type of normalcy.

However they lose their value as immediacy passes as old facts are replaced by new ones. Propaganda is addressed to the individual on the foundation of feelings and passions which are irrational, however, the content of propaganda does address reason and experience when it presents information and furnishes facts making it rational as well.


Ellul and Merton | | The International Jacques Ellul Society

Information is indistinguishable from propaganda in that information is an essential element of propaganda because for propaganda to succeed it must have reference to political or prpagandes reality. In this book Ellul but argued that modern propaganda was intended to spark action towards a desired response by developing learned attitudes, and that it drew from scientific analyses of psychology and sociology.

Propaganda works off the inner characteristics of both the individual and the society that the individual belongs. Moreover, there is a spontaneous defensive reaction in the individual against an excess of information eloul — to prpagandes extent that he clings unconsciously to the unity of his own person — against inconsistencies. Bartlett held an accurate interpretation of the goal of propaganda as not merely hacques an instrument to increase political understanding of events, but to obtain results through action.

It seeks to push the individual into the mass until his will fades entirely into that of the mass. Information is most effective when it is objective and broad because it creates a general picture. Political Propaganda involves techniques of influence employed by a government, a party, an administration, or a pressure group with the intention of changing the behavior of the public. An ideology provides society certain beliefs and no social group can exist without the foundation of these beliefs.

While most people view jacquees formation of public opinion as being shaped itself by interaction between different viewpoints on controversial questions, this is incorrect because public opinion is delineated by propaganda as a “truth” which is either believed propaganxes not believed. This was also describe earlier as the “mass-government” relationship.

People cannot be kept in a “state of perpetual enthusiasm and insecurity”. The individual is included and integrated into the mass because the propagandist profits from the process of diffusion of emotions through the mass, rpopagandes at the same time, propayandes the pressures felt by an individual when in a group. Often he has broken with his milieu or his family; he may be compromised. Propaganda employs encirclement on the individual by trying to surround man by all possible routes, in the realm of feelings as well as ideas, by playing on his will or his needs through his conscious and his unconscious, and by assailing him in both his private and his public life.


Propaganda Quotes

Propaganda must be total in that utilizes all forms of media to draw the individual into the net of propaganda. Propaganda must also attach itself to the pre-existing fundamental currents of the society it seeks to influence.

Propaganda must be a reflection of the fundamental structures of society to be successful and not contradictory of existing opinions.

Wipf and Stock, This is sociological in nature because it provides stability to society by supporting the “way of life” and the myths within a culture. At the same time, such propaganda contains elements of criticism and refutation of other groups, which will never be read or heard by a member of another group Propaganda is not just embedded into the individual’s psyche but also the cultural psyche.

Henry Holt and Company, New York. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But today, thanks to the mass media, the individual finds himself outside the battle that is now between the State and powerful groups.

And, in fact, modern man does not think about current problems; he feels them.

Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes – Wikipedia

Propaganda can gradually undermine prejudices and images in order to weaken them. It involves meticulous encirclement that traps an individual involuntarily in dialectic. I am not far into it.

In fact, no propaganda can work until the moment when a set of facts has become a problem in the eyes of those who constitute public opinion. Propaganda is designed to be continuous within the individual’s life by filling the citizen’s entire day.

These fundamental currents in society create the perfect atmosphere for sociological propaganda which influences the individual through his customs and unconscious habits. By this we mean not only the Western world, but all the world that shares a modern technology and is structured into nations…. The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.